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Jun 11, 13.
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I have no right to have an opinion on this icon design other than using every day.

I am not attempting to look at anything else other than the designs they’ve started with.

Key “takeaway” – Ming on Clapton Road not everything needs an icon now, it just needs….itself (widgets etc.)

Messages – the iOS one looks really bloated. Keeping the green is cool, as iOS made the world realise: Green = messaging. Completely copied in Android, everything else.

Calendar: makes me not want to use it, looks bleak and unhelpful. A calendar isn’t an icon it’s a Calendar. If you’re comparing to Android: Calendar doesn’t really have an icon, it’s a widget on one of your home-screen that actually shows….your calendar! Which is much more useful e.g. 

Photos – it’s an improvement on the sunflower but looks like an oil company logo

Camera – when will this stop being a photo of a camera? My 8 yr-old niece has never seen a camera-camera. I think you do other things with the camera.

Weather – is lovely

Clock – i can’t really see it very well. My big gripe with Clock is that it’s not Clock, and that Clock has relatively teeny-weeny use-case for those that need to know the time in different area codes (area codes). What you actually want is ALARM CLOCK, for which i imagine 80% of iPhone (and 40% of iPads) are used for. Why hide it behind clock, it’s not a COCK it’s an ALARM CLOCK.

Maps – bowed to pressure and made sure the route isn’t into a river.

Videos – looks really bloated like Messages. I also don’t understand why there is a standalone video player and it’s not just in iTunes, especially on iOS  you can only watch videos you’ve bought from the erroneously named iTunes

Notes – doesn’t make me want to take Notes

Reminders – looks like that new Dots game

Stocks – an improvement on previous stocks, but still: i’d rather just have a widget that showed my stocks on it, maybe with a RED button that sells SELL and a green one that says BUY #business

Game Center – a network agency –type “new logo”: the bubbles represents engagements with the customers; the white-space is…the customer. Reminds me of the Barclaycard logo re-brand.

Newsstand – a selection of New Yorker covers

iTunes Store

App Store: pencil, paint and ruler.

Passbook – is brilliant icon, really lovely


Settings – much prefer android cos it shows settings that you can tweak. This is fine though, i suppose, are those gears?

Phone – fine, well done for making the world think green = phone, that’s quite powerful!

Mail – the least of iOS’ Mail problems are the icon. How about having to choose to search for From, To, or “All”?

Safari – this looks like Compass. Have you ever thought how little it has to do with the internet? You have to think: the internet is like exploring -> another word for exploring is a safari -> back in the 1920s you needed a compass to go on safari

Music – fine


Alex at work made a lovely point: it’s very colourful and makes most sense when you think that their big growth markets will be in China, cos i think the Chinese market will snap up how colourful this is.

What do you think?

  1. antlerbeast answered: 1 point - video not bought on iTunes can of course play in the video app. iCons look nice in the context of the overall update
  2. the-emptypage answered: "Why hide it behind clock, it’s not a COCK it’s an ALARM CLOCK."
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